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LT’s Challenge Coins and Promotional Items, LLC is your source for custom made challenge coins, lapel pins, badges, and patches. Owned by 20+ year career Law Enforcement Lieutenant (NJ) and Volunteer Fireman, we pride ourselves on impeccable communications, fast artwork, and quick turnaround times. Unlike the competition, we do not charge for artwork revisions. We will revise your artwork as many times as needed in order to get exactly what you are looking for. We offer some of the most competitive prices and fastest turnaround times in the industry. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN OUR PRICES. ARTWORK. MOLDS. SHIPPING. There are NEVER any hidden fees. We have created well over 2 THOUSAND masterpieces for clients all over the world, and look forward to making yours!
Our client list includes the New York Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, San Antonio Police Department, Brothers Before Others, Port Authority Police of NJ and NY, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as well numerous police and fire departments throughout the world! We have been in business since 2014, and look forward to working with you on your next project. Please fill in the online form below with your information and someone will get back to you within a few hours.




OR CALL TOLL FREE: (844) LTs-COINS (587-2646)


We strive for the utmost satisfaction of our customers and will go above and beyond to make your project our top priority.




We use your images or artwork ideas and put them on a coin. All colors available, and we specialize in custom shapes and sizes. 1.75″ and 2″ coins are most common. Artwork sent quickly, and all revisions included.


We can make you custom dog tags with your company or group name and information. Everything is customizable!!!


All types and sizes of patches made. PVC / Embroidered. We can duplicate your patch or come up with something custom. Reasonably priced and fast turnaround.


Both metal and silicon keychains. Great for promoting you business or for giving to the members of your team, company, or department.


Custom lanyards made using your logo or message. Great advertising items.


We also design and create silicon wristbands (LiveStrong type) for any and all causes, departments, etc.


We don’t only specialize in round coins.
We can also do metal molds and medallions.


All shapes and sizes available. Specializing in freemason pins, law enforcement pins, fire department pins, etc.



About Us

LT’s Challenge Coins and Promotional Items, LLC has been designing and supplying promotional items for over 8 years. The owner, Scott Turdo, is a career law enforcement officer in the State of New Jersey (Holding the rank of Lieutenant). He is also active in his local fire department as a fireman since 2001. At LT’s Challenge Coins and Promotional Items, LLC, we strive for the utmost satisfaction of our customers, and will go above and beyond to make your project our top priority. Quick artwork proofs and quick production times means you can make your deadline for any event. Please contact us today to get started on your project. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.

Many of the projects we do are for the purpose of fundraising for a charitable foundation or effort. For these projects we will be more than happy to help advertise and spread the word through our numerous channels. With a 70% + return on your initial investment, the chance to make substantial funds for your cause is easily attainable. Our coins have outfitted honor guard units, bought critical equipment to assist in your law enforcement objectives, and raised money for our fallen Brothers and Sisters in BLUE.

Some projects we do are solely for in-house collecting or award giving to members of a department or team / unit. Projects like these will be kept private and not made aware to the general public. The moment a coin hits social media or my website, there seems to be a small frenzy from people looking to get their hands on the coins for their collections. ***NOTE: I only show your coins as samples of my work if you give permission.***

Once your coins are completed, they will be shipped via USPS Priority, unless other arrangements are made (expedited shipping, etc). Be advised, we do keep a small amount to show our work, but will NEVER over produce your coin and sell somewhere else (Ebay, Craigslist, etc) for personal gain. We find this to be unethical as a business. Other companies do not seem to have a problem over-producing coins to be sold on eBay or their websites. This will NEVER be the case at LT’s Challenge Coins. We treat all coins as the intellectual property of the client.


Can I reorder more should the need arise?2017-01-02T12:44:29-05:00

Yes. Molds are kept for a period of two (2) years. Should you need more coins made, the price would be less per piece due to the fact that the mold fee is already covered. The 2 year timeline is reset after each order.

Do you create the artwork, or must I?2017-01-02T12:44:34-05:00

You are more than welcome to email us with any artwork aspects you would like to see. OR, you can give a description of what you would like, and we will work on putting it to the drawing board. LT’s CHALLENGE COINS does not charge after a certain number of artwork revisions like other companies. We will move images, change wording, and swap out artwork aspects as many times as need be until you are completely satisfied.

Can I have my coins made for an event / function next week?2017-01-02T12:44:40-05:00

The process from the time payment is remitted to the time the coins are shipped to you is approximately 2-3 weeks. The sooner you communicate what you would like, as well as revisions, the sooner your coins can ship. Order size and other factors may add time to the overall production. Also, certain design aspects on your project such as plating and 3d effects will add some time to the process. Also, as expected, orders of 500 or 1000+ pieces will also add some time to the process.

How much is it to have LT’s Challenge Coins make my coins?2017-01-02T12:44:46-05:00

Coin prices depend on numerous factors. Size, quantity, as well as some design aspects all factor in to the pricing of the coins. One of the main costs in a coin design and production is the mold / die cost. This labor intensive process is the main step in the process that will stamp your coins artwork so it is ready for enamel and finishing.

Is there a minimum order number needed to place an order?2017-01-02T12:44:04-05:00

We have a low minimum order of Fifty (50) pieces.

What forms of payment do you accept?2017-01-02T12:44:11-05:00

Paypal (Credit Cards, etc), Checks, and Money Orders. Please make checks out to “LT’s Challenge Coins”

What is included in your costs?2017-01-02T12:44:17-05:00

LT’s Challenge Coins’ pricing included mold / die fees, artwork, and production. Shipping may be added for larger orders. Large orders weigh substantially more, and therefore might require added shipping. We also professionally pack and secure your coins with reinforcing straps to ensure they get to you safely. There are no hidden charges once you are quoted a price. (**International shipping may also be charged as coins are heavy, and are costly to ship.)

Can I order samples?2017-01-02T12:44:23-05:00

YES! Although the mold fee would have to be covered (one of the largest parts of the cost in making a coin), there can be samples made. If you are intending to make a large order in the future, we will gladly make a small sample batch for you to see before mass production is approved and funded.

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