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Custom Made Police Challenge Coins

Custom made police challenge coins are a favorite item here at LT’s Challenge Coins. The police along with other groups like the firefighters and sports teams picked some of the ideas and traditions from the military.  

What is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a small medallion type coin that is often given as an award to a group. This is usually an accomplishment that the company as a group has obtained. It is also used to show that a person is a member of the organization. For example, sports teams often have them to show that they are a member of the team.

The origin of the challenge coin was during World War II. They were given to the active duty soldiers. When they were in the bar, one of the members would slap the coin on the bar and call out that there is a challenge. At this call, all the members would show their coin.  The understood rule was that if any one of them was unable to produce their challenge coin, they had to buy the drinks for all the men that could. However, if all the member had their coins with them, the one that called the challenge had to pay for everyone’s drinks. After the war, the police and firefighters adopted this.  The rule was made that the holder of the coin was not to deface it in any way.

Custom made a chief mainly gives police challenge coins for an award for something the officer has done. Most of the time these are awarded during an awards ceremony.  Many officers collect these coins. Most of the coins will have the emblem of the group on one side and something about the recipient on the other. This can be a picture of their home or family.  Sometimes they are given in memory of some special event the group has attended. Sometimes they are used in memory of a fallen police officer as well. There are many reasons custom-made police challenge coins are awarded.

What is a Custom Made Challenge Coin?

Here at LT’s Challenge Coins, we sell custom-made police challenge coins.  These coins come with a picture or drawing that you bring to us, If there is none and you know what you want, our team can help with the artwork. They will help you design your coin free of charge. The art team will redo the artwork as many times as is necessary to be sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied. Only when you give the go-ahead will they start producing the coin. Several design and sizes are available. They can be made out of anything from pewter to 24-carat gold.  The finish can be from gold or silver to copper or bronze.  There are even coins that have an antique finish on them.  You have plenty of choices and combinations to choose from.

Whether you need custom made police challenge coins for an entire company or one individual, we can make one that is perfect for your needs.

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